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At Home Training Services

Sometimes you need someone to care as much as you 

We offer the following selection of training services in your own home. We will visit your family, observe your dog in his own environment and offer you honest and practical advice on getting the most from your best friend. 

We cover Northamptonshire, Warwickshire, Leicestershire and Milton Keynes. 
Appointments also available in Dublin (Ireland) 

Preparing for a puppy
Deciding to add a four-legged angel to your family is a huge commitment that can last up to 15+ years. This at home session involves an experienced trainer visiting your home for a 60-minute
The key areas covered in this session are:
What to expect from your new puppy
Puppy proofing your home 
Selecting the right breed and breeder
Integrating the puppy with your family
Puppy's first night
Crate training
What to buy before your puppy comes home
 Cost £60 includes follow-up email and telephone support
At Home PuppyConsultation
So you have added a four-legged angel to your family but now need a little help getting him settled in. The puppy consultation involves a 90-minute session with one of our trainers in your own home. During this time we will study your puppy in his own environment as well as answer any questions you may have and offer expert advice on every aspect of managing your new puppy’s development.
The key areas covered in this session are:
Understanding how your puppy thinks
Toilet Training
Crate Training
Play Biting
Positive Play
Introduction to Lead Work
Basic Obedience
Cost £85 includes  free follow-up visit
Puppies up to 6 months of age.

Adult Dog Consultation

Our adult dog training consultation involves a 90-minute training session in your home where we will discuss all of your training issues and requirements and come to fully understand your concerns before devising a bespoke training plan and teaching your entire family how to train your dog to be an angel. Common training requests include:
Doorbell Etiquette
Loose Lead Walking
Basic Obedience
Resource Guarding / Food Aggression
New Baby Preparation
Dog / Cat Introductions
Separation Anxiety
Leash Reactivity
Sniffer Dog Games
Cost £95 includes free follow-up ​​visit
Dogs over 6 months of age
In most cases, one session plus your free follow up will be all that is required.

However, if necessary further sessions can be booked at a fee of £65 per hour.